Io sono Led
Adoro i topolini giocattolo e mi piace molto mangiare. Passeggio e gioco in giardino e ho degli amici gatti con cui gioco di fronte casa. Sono amichevole, non mordo né graffio, ma non spaventatemi per favore.

Ben arrivati!
Io sono Pixel
Adoro il freesbee, le palline, i giochini che suonano, i legni, le ossa e le coperte da tirare. Se non vi ho ancora portato la pallina è solo questione di tempo. Adoro giocare. Anche con gli altri cani, ma non se maschi. Giocherei tutto il giorno, ma i miei umani dicono che mi stanco perché ho la displasia, quindi posso giocare solo poche ore. Non mordo e non mi arrabbio, ma non spaventatemi per favore. Volete giocare con me?

Ben arrivati!
We are Lisa and Manuel and we live in the house next door. We moved in in 2019 together with our dog Pixel and the cat Led.
House Rules
The parking spaces next to the roundabout, opposite the sports ground, are free, always available and quiet.

We kindly ask you not to park in the areas outside the gate beyond the luggage loading and unloading time out of respect for our neighbours. Thank you for your understanding!
Under the sink you will find bins for paper and plastic, bags for wet waste and outside the front door a bin for unsorted waste. To the left of the gate there is also a bin for glass and cans.

We kindly ask you to sort your waste, and if you can at the end of your stay you can take the bags to the bins in the garden. Thank you for your cooperation!
The village of Beivars is a peaceful place, just a few steps from the Torre river and a few minutes from the centre of Udine and the highway.
Car Park
Self CheckIn Access Codes
A numeric keypad is located to the right of the gate. Enter the code shown here, including the letter, to open the gate's door.

To unload luggage or for other needs call us, the code only opens one door, cars are not allowed to park inside.

For security reasons, the gate will not close automatically. Once inside, there is a button on the right-hand wall that opens and closes the gate's door.
House Door
The house is accessed from the pathway on the left. After the first door, there is a second door with an electronic lock.

To open: press any key on the keypad to turn on the screen, enter the numeric code and press the open padlock icon.

You do not need to enter the code to lock the door, it locks itself.
WiFi Pixel Guest House
1010 C
394 567
Nearby Shops
A few minutes' walk away.
Artisanal Brewery
Pizza & Restaurant
Newsagents and Tobacconists
@ 250 mt.
@ 250 mt.
@ 350 mt.
@ 250 mt.
@ 350 mt.
@ 650 mt.
Can we smoke in the house?
We ask you not smoke inside, especially not in the bedrooms. Thank you for your understanding.
Does the gate close by itself?
No, for safety reasons the gate does not close by itself. Next to the gate you will find a button to close and open the gate door.

If the gate does not close, even if you press the button, call us and we will take care of it, thank you very much.
Can we play with Pixel?
Of course! He's looking forward to it. He loves the freesbee, unfortunately it usually flies in the neighbour's garden. So it's easier to play with a ball or another game. He'll bring them to you, you can be sure of that.

He knows some commands: "Molla" to leave what he has in his mouth, "Seduto" means to sit, "Fermo" if he is approaching or moving away and it is better for him to stop. It is not an aggressive or bad dog, but with small children it is better not to leave them alone, especially if it is hugged by surprise it may become frightened.
Can we play with Led?
He is a friendly cat, if you give him something to eat you are likely to become friends easily. He does not bite or scratch to hurt, he just wants to play. Like any animal if frightened it can become nervous. Led loves toy mice.
Can we feed Pixel or Led?
If you have leftover food you can give it to them, just make sure it is not too salty or spicy. No chocolate and preferably nothing milk-based. Pixel loves bones, but tends to break them and eat them.

So if you have a nice piece of steak bone left over, just make sure it doesn't break and swallow it. Avoid chicken bones, those are dangerous.
Can we invite friends or relatives over?
If you would like to invite friends or relatives to eat with you or to spend some time together, they are welcome! Just bear in mind that the house is small, so possibly no more than 8 people total.

Overnight stays are only allowed for those who have been booked and registered. Should there be any changes in the programme or unforeseen events, please call us and we will work it out together!
Can we go walking or running nearby?
Yes, of course! Just outside the gate, opposite the roundabout, there is a narrow road leading to Via Emilia. At the end of that road turn left. Continue until you reach the riverbank of the Torre river. There you will find the map with directions to the possible routes and their lengths.

We usually start from home, arrive at the riverbank, follow it to the left to the next village, Godia, and return to Beivars. It's a about 5 km walk in less than an hour at a leisurely pace. It is possible to extend the route by repeating some stretches.

These roads are walked and runned all year long, but are not illuminated at night.
Get in touch with us
If you enjoyed your stay, please leave a review on Airbnb or Booking, it will help us a lot. If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the form below, thank you very much!
+39 349 44 00 076

+39 345 23 13 265
via Bologna 21, Udine

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